• Kyiv, Ukraine


  • 1 000 m2


  • Uliana Vinichuk

Gaztron-Ukraine is a member of the ITL Group, which is an international trader of liquefied hydrocarbon gases, base and industrial oils, light and dark petroleum products. The company operates in the CIS, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.

A new modern office of the "Gaztron-Ukraine" was opened in Kiev in June 2017. The Innovation Group company carried out a number of works there.

The project department of the company has developed a working design of ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems to ensure the maintenance of the necessary microclimate in the premises. The delivery and installation of equipment - the air-handling unit "ASIS" and the air-conditioning system Super Multi Plus Daikin with the channel blocks - were carried out according to the approved project.

In addition, Innovation Group carried out a number of works in the section of water supply, sewerage, lighting and power supply, equipping the office with functional equipment.