FFU Production



  • Martusovka, Kiev region, Ukraine


  • 257.8 m2

The office of the company "FFU Production" is located near the village Martusovka in the Borispol district of the Kiev region in the building of еру production of artificial cover for multi-sport grounds and professional football fields.

Implementation of the project of the production and office became possible with the help of the initiative of the FFU, the support of FIFA and UEFA, as well as the German company Polytan. In addition, the Football Federation of Ukraine became the first national football association in the world, which has its own production of this type.

The main wishes of the customer for interior design were the following: the creation of a modern, representative and cozy space, in sports topics. In furniture and materials, preference was given to Ukrainian production.

Maintenance of sporting themes became possible primarily due to the use of artificial grass cover produced by "FFU Production" - it was applied on the walls of the kitchen and corridor, and also as a floor covering in the meeting room. Stylistic accents were arranged using two techniques: a "treadmill" of linoleum running through the entire corridor, as well as red crossed beams in the meeting room. There was also an interior graphics with football stories, as well as inscriptions for the identification of rooms on glass partitions.

One of the main wishes of the customer was the use of multifunctional furniture solutions, since the office should work in two modes: the standard working mode and the reception mode for presentations with a maximum capacity of up to 120 people.

So, specifically for the "FFU Production" project a hidden wardrobe and kitchen unit were developed. These structures consist of sections that perform a decorative function in the closed state, and are systems for storing clothing and kitchen utensils in the open state. The kitchen module is equipped with an electrification system for connecting household appliances, as well as contour lighting inside the sections. Lifting mechanisms and runner systems allow you to open and close sections as quickly as possible, using only those that are needed to perform certain tasks.

There are also a serial ODESD2 products: sofa groups with coffee tables, lounge chairs for tet-a-tete negotiations, as well as office furniture for offices and a meeting room. All work desks are equipped with electrification system for convenient connection of personal equipment of employees. Conference table is equipped with additional HDMI modules for connection to the projector.

The interior of the office is designed in monochrome shades with the use of natural wood textures and accent details from the grass cover.