"Diamond" furniture center



  • Kyiv, Ukraine


  • 14 370 m2.

The furniture center "Diamond" is a specialized shopping center, which consists of three floors with furniture products, conference hall for 150 people, a cafeteria, warehouses, office block with class "A" premises.

The Innovation Group company performed services for the selection, supply and installation of industrial climatic equipment. The building is equipped with an energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system of the «A+» class. So, installed Daikin roof air conditioners have an additional function - an economizer - which allows you to take outside air in a transitional period and transport it to the premises. In this case energy is spent on the operation of the fans only. These technologies and the correct exploitation of the equipment can significantly save energy.

From the moment of launch and till today the service of the furniture center is made by the company Forum Plaza.