Zehnder Radiant Heating Ceiling

A success story - that's what Zehnder radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels are called today. Due to its energy efficiency since the 1970s, the Zehnder panels have been installed around the world on objects of varying complexity, and each time prove their advantage over traditional heating systems.

Advantages of using Zehnder ceiling panels:

- energy saving of energy resources up to 40%;

- effective in rooms with a height of 6 to 50 meters;

- placed under the ceiling, preserving the usable space;

- in rooms with increased hygiene requirements;

- in rooms with stringent requirements for the presence of dust in the air;

- facilities with high requirements for fire and explosion safety;

- use of the same system of Zehnder ceiling panels for cooling in the summer;

- do not require maintenance costs during operation;

- can be painted in different colors;

- production in Germany - high quality.